Make your EcoFair Climate Pledge here!

We created a condensed version of our climate pledge specifically for the EcoFair with easy, medium and hard pledges in seven categories. You can make your pledges using the google form (just click the button). Review the 7 pledges images below. 

If you’ve got kids — or if you are a kid — please check out below, our Kid’s Pledge designed by our youngest volunteer. 


Make a EcoFair Toronto Pledge 2020

Make a pledge that will help to lower your emissions and increase your positive impact on the world in seven categories:

  • Food,
  • Air Travel
  • Daily Transport
  • Home Efficiency
  • Civics
  • Finance
  • Education

In each section you can choose to make an easy, medium or challenging pledge. 

7 Categories of Pledges:

Man Outdoors

Click the button below for more information about how kids can pledge.

Our youngest co-founder — she’s only 6 — wanted to design her own climate pledge so her friends could learn more about climate action. The pledge gives kids 7 fun ideas — everything from tasting a non-dairy ice cream to making a video explaining why they care about the climate .

kid bike
kid drawing

For more information check out the links below:

EcoFair Toronto Pledge: