EcoFair Fun & Games

When you visit the EcoFair, not only do you get to learn about green products, services and programs from the exhibitors, but you can take part in free interactive activities!  We have something fun planned for all members of the family!

This year watch for fun & games online: kids activities and downloadable games for all ages!

Also watch for weekend afternoon workshops where you can cut your carbon, mend your clothes with creativity, and cook with plants for health and happiness. Watch this site for updates!

Springbay Studio

Who said you can’t learn about science through video games? The owners of Springbay Studios challenge that idea with their iBiome video games! Try a free online demo of their games here and happy playing! 
Visitors can play all three iBiome games for free for 10 minutes per game. Want more? Download their games from the App Store at 
Additional Instructions for visitors:
1. You need a PC / Laptop / Mac / Chromebook to play the iBiome games free. The online demo does not work on phones or tablets
2. You can play any iBiome games for free for 10 minutes.
3. If you are under age 14, use this generic email address to continue:
4. You need to allow Flash and Unity to play our games. If you need help, please refer to our how-to-guide for help: or reach out to us at


Book Presentation:
“Do you know where your water comes from?
Do you know where your poop goes?”
By Mariko Uda

Mariko Uda (ecomariko), a local eco-author and Ecofair exhibitor, has created a picture book that explains all this and more called “Where does it all come from? Where does it all go? Toronto’s water, energy & waste systems.” As a special treat for Ecofair Toronto 2020, some kids performed parts of the book for you (4 min. Youtube video).  Click here to see!  and if you’d further like to see Mariko reading from her book with her cat (2 min. Youtube video) click here!

Virtual Fixit Clinic

If you want to try fixing from home, there are a number of Virtual Fixit Clinics, via Zoom, that can help! Just show your broken item to the global assembly of community repairers and get suggestions for things to try. After all items are presented, participants/items and repairers are directed to Zoom breakout rooms to implement the suggestions and, hopefully, fix the items.

Sign up with items to fix here. (Note: large items like dishwashers, TVs and furniture can be looked at as well)

Community repairers are also invited to help fix or simply observe for cross-training, knowledge sharing and skill-sharing reasons! Sign up here

You can check their Facebook page to see a list of all events.

Outdoor Programs Around the City

Downsview Park

Downsview park has free community outdoor programs for all ages! Be sure to check out their weekly toddler program this Fall!


From nature schools to camp@home, Willowgrove offers a great space for outdoor education and exploration. Want a fun, safe family outing? Check out their Fall events online for some family friendly activities!

High Park Nature Centre

Check out some great programs for kids and families at the High Park Nature program. From safe online programs, to nature clubs for all ages, there’s plenty of social distanced, safe options for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors.

Toronto Zoo

Uncomfortable going out to public places, but eager to learn about animals? Let the Toronto Zoo come to you! They’re offering online virtual tours and videos for you to enjoy at your own time. Private guided tours are also available for any family outings you want to take to experience the Toronto Zoo! 

Green Venture

For any of our friends living out in Hamilton, Green Venture is a great escape to go visit and explore their gardens. Check out their Nature Ninjas programs which will set you up with some great activities which are geared towards keeping you and your family outdoors and active!

Fall Outdoor Activities Checklist

For more fun autumn activities, check out

At Home Activities

Backyard insect/ Biodiversity survey

We don’t have to go far to find wildlife. Sometimes even the smallest of creatures can be the most fascinating! Why not take a look in your backyard or nearby park and see what critters might be living in the grass, or hiding underground! Fun tip, you may find some interesting critters hiding under a log or rock! GO see what you can find! If you’re not sure what you found, download the inaturalist Seek app

which is a handy tool to help you identify what you’ve found! 

Bird watching for beginners

Love to be out in nature but not sure what you’re seeing? Start gaining your bird watching skills by learning what you DO know really well. Once you find something new you’ve never seen before or not sure what it is, take a picture and try to figure out what you saw by looking at what common birds are found in your area! Challenge yourself to add a new species to your list each time you go on a walk! Here’s a handy tool to help you keep track of some of the common ones to start with.  

Seed Scavenger Hunt 

Seeds come in many different shapes and sizes. This allow them to move around in all sorts of ways! Try to see how many kinds of seeds you can find!

Citizen Science - ebirding

Do you and your family enjoy going for walks and identifying what birds you see? Why not go the extra step and record what you see on ebird!? Citizen science is such an important way for other people and researchers to learn about the range of species, and ebird is a quite and easy tool to use for that. Find out where there are hotspots for that one bird you’ve been looking for for ages, or find the best places to see the most species, ebird is great find out the best places to check out. See something particularly cool? Be sure to take note of it on ebird so everyone can be involved in your sighting.


Dance Class with Miss Christine from St. Clair Dance Collective:

St. Clair Dance Collective is a community-based dance studio that is affordable, non-competitive and engaging for kids and adults. We provide fun and inclusive 10-week programs with a mini recital at the end of each session. What makes SCDC different is that we are a relaxed, supportive, and caring community studio that is about the enjoyment of dance! “Awaken the fire within you”